Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Welcome to the Twin States Twins Sports Blog!

Being identical twins means an immediate connection between people.  My brother and I are no different in this regard.  We both love sports and tend to be highly opinionated on the matter. Because of that, we've decided to start this little blog to help get our ideas out of our minds to make your work day go by a little faster.  I live in Alabama, while my brother lives in Mississippi.  Combine that and you've got the Twin States Twins.  Why should you read our stuff? That's a good question. I really have nothing for you.  Try it once or twice or maybe even three times if you're feeling adventurous.  You might find us interesting, smart, or completely insane.  Either way, it'll be entertaining to you.

What to Expect to See from The Twin States Twins Sports Blog

If you've come to this site by choice or accident, stay for a minute and see if you like it.  You will find posts dealing with the current events in sports.  There may be more of a focus on Alabama sports, the SEC, and MLB, but you will also find posts dealing with other sporty items that randomly popped into our heads.   We don't promise to be unbiased and objective about things.  If you want that, you should probably flip over a big time sports news network.  Don't expect them to be unbiased and objective either. 

Background Information About the Bloggers

Pinstripe Wizard - The elder twin loves the big three Alabama men's sports and the New York Yankees.  He also likes the Denver Broncos in the NFL and really doesn't care much for any particular team in the NBA. He watches them occasionally, but finds it difficult to watch an entire game before the playoffs begin.  His posts will mostly feature non-stat related things, like wouldn't Free Agent X be a great fit for Team Y and second guessing decisions made by coaches and front offices.  He enjoys playing fantasy sports, but readily admits he's pretty much terrible at them.  Don't expect fantasy advice from him.  If he does give some, ignore it for the safety of your current fantasy ranking.  He spends most of his free time watching sports, House, or M*A*S*H.  He likes country and rock music, although he probably listens to a bunch of stuff you don't hear on your radio.

Stats All Folks - The younger twin also loves the big three Alabama men's sports and the New York Yankees.  He is a fan of the San Francisco 49ers and was not happy with their recent performance in the Super Bowl.  He doesn't particulary favor any one NBA team, but does watch considerably more games than Pinstripe Wizard.  He also has some weird connection to soccer that can not be explained by his genetics, upbringing, or past athletic history.  His posts will most feature stat related things.  He's really the bigger nerd at heart and gets a warm fuzzy feeling from opening Microsoft Excel.  He would guarantee that a certain percentage of his posts would include a graph and/or table of some kind, but currently he doesn't have a large enough sample size to make a conclusive statement.  He enjoys playing fantasy sports as well and is better at them than Pinstripe Wizard, although his methods are only understood by people with weird thoughts on sports.  If he gives you some, don't try to understand it.  It's better for you.  It might be right, though.  He spends most of his free time watching sports and M*A*S*H.  He enjoys cooking and playing his video games as well.  He's almost exclusively into country music and thought Hawaii would've been considerably more fun if they had any idea what good music was. He was recently married and by all reports seems to be enjoying that fact at the current time.

I hope you enjoy what you read on here. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to let us know.  We don't promise to listen to them, but we promise to give them as much attention as they deserve.

Pinstripe Wizard